Yardi - Property Management Bot

When you own a set of properties, each with multiple and differing lease arrangements, consolidated accounting is a must. Yardi is one of the leaders in providing property management accounting software that can be configured to fit any type of ownership modes including commercial, multi-family, budget housing, elder housing, elder care homes and housing for armed service professionals.

This software also works well when a firm has multiple property owners, managers, and staff to manage larger portfolios.

What can our Yardi bots do for you?
  • Enter information into the system
    • Property details
    • Tenants
    • Leases & transactions
    • Work orders
  • Complete complicated workflows
    • Bots can help you create and set up new leases
    • Handle tenant’s move-ins and move-outs with ease
    • Bots can help you approve purchase orders and work orders
Why choose Integra for Yardi bots?
  • As a pioneer in accountancy practice (since 2004), serving CPA’s, accounting firms and businesses of all sizes, we understand industry language well
  • Our hands-on experience in accounting industry combined with our intelligent automation skills make us your ideal partner
  • We are efficient enough to easily develop and deploy Yardi bots much quicker when compared to other companies (as we have vast prior working experience with all major and popular commercial accounting software)
  • We deliver a complete end to end solution that includes process assessment and strategy planning, then enable RPA design, implementation and support
  • We are committed to “Intelligent automation” with knowledge in accounting, finance and payroll RPA design/implementation
  • We analyze your business and quickly develop a proof of concept so that you can understand the value and potential of RPA solution (even before it is implemented)
  • We help you improve speed to market and stay ahead of your competitors

We will help you to be successful in
your RPA journey