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Reconciliation for Chain of Stores

We are a retail outlet with 100+ stores. Each store has multiple POS (point of sale) systems. Reconciling POS sales from each store and to bank account daily was a huge challenge. We also receive cash payments which made this reconciliation difficult and error prone.

We approached Integra to check if automation can solve our problem. Integra’s team was quick to respond and captured our problem. They explained how they were going to solve our problem using automation and demonstrated with a proof of concept (POC). This convinced us to choose Integra as our automation partner.Their custom-built automation solution fully addresses our problem. We are happy to recommend Integra for designing custom automation solutions.

Jawad Muhammad

VP of Finance

Accounts Payable Automation

We are a construction company with several divisions. We were receiving supplier invoices at all our divisions in several formats. We did not want to centralise it as this process needs individual attention at each division. However, this was time consuming and labour intensive. We figured our that automation could improve efficiency and reduce expenses.

We searched for automation solution provider who understands the accounting process well and with relevant experience. Integra was the right fit. They quickly showed us a proof of concept demo. This convinced our management to select Integra as our automation solution partner. They have now automated several parts of accounts payable process and their solution is working very well.

Richard Woolliscroft


Tailored Total Accounting Automation

Automation is still viewed sceptically within the accounting industry. However, as a leading accounting firm we know that we cannot continue to deliver efficient and responsive service without embracing latest technological trends. That’s why we chose to adopt robotic process automation.

With Integra’s help we have automated our bookkeeping process in our cloud accounting software.  As Integra’s core strength is accounting, they were able to quickly get a grasp of our processes and guide us the areas that are right candidates for automation. All we had to say was yes proceed, and they did the rest. We are happy with Integra’s fully tailored total accounting automation solution.

Alistair Wallace

Managing Partner
Why Integra for

Building your automation solution?

Quick implementation

You need not wait for months to get your project assessed. We have a strong team of RPA experts with multiple business process experience to ensure a quick start, rapid development and deployment.

Flexible terms

Our terms of engagement are flexible. We do not believe in locking you up with long term contracts. We are confident with our work and value we bring, that our clients stay with us for a very long time.

Clear communication

We ensure that we communicate with you constantly throughout the project cycle. You will be fully aware of job progress at every stage and when you can expect to get delivery of each milestone.

Proof of concept (POC)

As a first step, we build a proof of concept (POC) which will give a clear indication on how our automation solution will work for you. With this methodology you will know your ROI, prior to project start.

Impartial advice

With expertise across multiple RPA software, we understand merits of each and can advise you on the right choice. Our advice would be completely impartial, keeping your best interest in mind.

Lifetime support

Our help does not just stop with building and deploying your RPA solution. We offer lifetime support for all projects that we develop. With our 15+ year track record, your support is assured.

15+ Years of Process

Optimisation Experience

We are experienced in process optimisation across various business functions and all popular robotic automation software. We will offer step by step help and support throughout your digital transformation.

Our certified automation experts are experienced with all popular robotic automation software and multiple business processes. We will offer step by step help and support throughout your digital transformation.

How can I use intelligent robotic process automation at our organization?

RPA (or robots) can be used in most departments at every organization. Our experts can help you identify the processes that can be automated at your company. You just need to identify the department where you need to get improvements. Our experts will meet with your team members to analyse the process and come up with what is achievable. You can then start small, evaluate the success and then expand further

What is an intelligent digital robotic worker?

The digital robot worker is a software that mimics work that humans do on their work PC. The robot is highly accurate and consistent in terms of work output performance.

How can the robotic process automation enhance my current team?

An intelligent robotic worker can handle most of the repetitive tasks allowing your team to focus on more intelligent tasks that increases job satisfaction. Your robotic worker can also complete complex time-consuming tasks which you always wanted to get done but was unable due to resource constraints. With robotic help, your team can work on more value-added intelligent tasks that not only benefits your organization but also enriches the tasks that your team does.

For example: You receive a spreadsheet with data that will then need to be updated into a database every day. This is a repetitive task that not only takes valuable amount of your staff’s time every day but also boring. This process can be completely automated. Our robot will mimic the exact sequence of steps performed by your staff and will update the software every single day (with 100% accuracy). This frees up your staff to do other tasks that require intelligence.

What kind of investment is needed to deploy RPA (robotic process automation) at our organization?

The investment is a fraction compared to the typical investments you make on other software or IT related projects. We have flexible pricing models that are tailored to suit your requirement. We will be happy to explain your options when we discuss.

Can I start with a small project or will automation work only for a large project?

The best part about RPA automation is that you can start as small as you want to. You can pick a task that take a couple of hours each day for your staff as an initial project. This will give you an idea of what is involved and the benefits you can get. You can then expand to other tasks and areas at your company.

Can the AI digital robotic worker handle sudden work spikes?

You never need to worry about work fluctuations anymore. Your AI robotic worker can scale up or down instantly. You will be able to handle spikes and reductions without any problems or additional costs.

How long is the payback time or ROI for RPA implementation?

It depends on the scale of the project. For majority of projects that we are involved in, the payback starts from 3 months. For some of the larger projects the payback can take up to 12 months.

What sized companies benefit from robotic process automation (RPA)?

Companies from small (5 staff) to large corporates benefit from RPA. Robotic automation has no restriction on size of the company. Some of our clients are very small (5 employees) and some of them are large corporates (with multiple offices).

What are the processes that can benefit from robotic process automation at my company?

Too many processes to evaluate? Here are some of the common criteria that our clients have used to select the process they want to automate at their company to start with. The first ones tackled were the ones which had constant staff turnover, repetitive, costs a lot, accuracy is low, get more customer complaints, tasks not done in time and difficult to handle work load spikes. Each organization is different and you will know the pain points at your company. Just call us and we will be happy to consult and advise you.

What can Integra do for my intelligent RPA requirement?

We create and deploy robots at your company that will mimic functions of your staff. Our robots are trained to perform time-consuming repetitive tasks on your computer and with no changes to your IT infrastructure.
Our robotic worker works hard, non-stop (when required), not prone to distractions and will listen to you. You get a loyal worker for a fraction of the cost and you don’t have to feel guilty about not giving a pay raise.

What happens to our current software and IT infrastructure investment?

Worried that you will have to add more to your current IT infrastructure? This is the best part of our digital robotic workers. You do not need to change any software or hardware that you have currently invested in. Our robot is just like an employee who comes in to work on your software and hardware every day. In fact, our robot does not even need a PC or an office space to sit and work on your tasks. If you want to choose the robot to work from your server you can do it as well.

How can I trust the robot’s results as compared to my current team?

It is difficult for humans not to make mistakes when doing repetitive boring tasks. Humans are influenced by other outside factors which introduces errors. Robots just focus on the task at hand. This ensures 100% accuracy for every task it handles.

How quickly can you implement an intelligent robot at my company?

Some of our smaller projects were done in a week. Some of the larger ones took anywhere from three to five months. We will analyse your process and mention how long it would take for us to build your robotic digital worker.

Will the intelligent robot replace my team?

This is a common misconception. Artificial intelligence robots are used to reduce the repetitive tasks that your staff usually do. The staff are then freed up to do more important work that would add more value to your organization.

How much cost savings can I get?

On an average, a robot is about 20% to 33% of the cost of an FTE. However, your robotic employee works 24/7/365 without taking any vacation and does not quit.

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