Proof Of Concept

Businesses are fascinated by the concept of automation and digital transformation by implementing AI enabled intelligent robotic process automation solutions which helps in 24/7/365 execution of day to day business processes.

At Integra RPA, we build proof of concept or POC’s for companies looking to try out intelligent robotic process automation. We believe that this should be the first step in the automation journey of every company.

What is a POC?

A proof of concept (POC) serves as a stimulant for those businesses looking to leverage the RPA technology to improvise their business process outcomes. A POC can be built for one entire process or a small part within the process. A POC specific to a process stands as a proof to validate if the robot can serve as a solution and if it can work as expected, within the current business environment.

Why PoC?

A POC is a definite way to authenticate a business idea/concept in the real-world environment. It demonstrates how automation works on the “selected process” and the many benefits that it can bring to a business in the long run.


How do you select of process for POC?

The important part in POC preparation is selecting a business process that is suitable and has the need for automation. A good POC should be treated more like a project itself with a clear objective, pre-defined project start/end date and allotment of both manpower and technological resources.

An optimal candidate for PoC will:
  • Have a set of clearly defined and ordered business rules
  • Be stable yet repetitive and time consuming
  • Include a large volume of transaction that needs to be processed with zero error
  • Add value to the business

A well-defined approach to a POC consists of six phases:

  1. Planning:

Initial planning happens where Integra RPA team co-ordinates with your process or management team to confirm the objective and goal for POC. A suitable process is selected upon confirmation.

  1. Process analysis:

The business analysis team uses this phase to better understand the process through observation and run through. This is easy enough and can be done over a web conference.

  1. Technical-Preparation or Configuration:

We prepare an environment to support POC along with test data, test system and installed version of the RPA automation software.

  1. Development or Implementation:

The development of POC takes 2 to 3 weeks on average. The POC automation process is deployed for your team to review.

  1. Full implementation:

Once your team gets confidence after seeing the POC, then our team can build the bot on your entire process.

Three reasons to go for a PoC:

1) This will validate if the robot can work on your process and any issues that it can encounter
2) Less expensive than full robot implementation
3) Can be done in 2-3 weeks’ time frame, so a very short time to view the results

POC – The simplest way to start your automation journey

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