Sales and Marketing RPA

In the era of Internet marketing and digital marketing, there are still many marketing processes that can benefit from Automation. As a marketer, you are looking for ways to transform your marketing department so that it works faster and so that no lead is lost. Integrated automation with robots working in your process might be the best solution to transform the way marketing occurs in your organization.

Lead generation automation bots
  • Scraping leads from websites
  • Lead validate them before passing them to the sales team
  • Automate Lead qualification process
  • Collate leads from trade shows
  • Process leads from visiting card photos
  • Get additional lead information from public data sources automatically
  • Respond to leads via email, chat, SMS
  • AI chatbots to handle basic help queries
Email marketing automation
  • Schedule Emails
  • Email address validation
  • List cleanup
  • Send schedule optimization
  • Intelligent response processing
  • Auto-forward response to PoC
  • Campaign metrics reporting
SMS & chat marketing automation
  • Connect directly with your contacts using targeted SMS messages
  • Automate bulk SMS campaigns from a list in your database
  • SMS scheduling
  • Set up transactional SMS
  • Order confirmations, shipping updates
  • Intelligent chat responses
  • Create personalize bots
Social media Bots
  • Setup alerts and responses for mentions
  • Automate posting content to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other networks
  • Send auto-messages via Facebook, Twitter to your leads
  • Social media monitoring
  • Content creation automation and suggestions
Inbound & outbound sales call helper bots
  • Bot assists sales rep in looking up information automatically
  • Bot assists in order processing while taking phone orders
  • Performance metrics
  • Lead research reports
  • Navigate IVRS
  • Transcribe call recordings
  • Automate contracts preparation with lead contact info
  • Quote Generation
  • Invoice creation
Upselling and cross selling
  • Send targeted messages to existing customers
  • Upsell based on customer profile
  • Cross-sell based on customer profile
  • Automate contract renewals
  • Relationship building by auto-scheduling meetings

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