QuickBooks Bot

In the USA, QuickBooks is the preferred accountancy package for small and medium-sized businesses. Intuit’s QuickBooks is used by over 29 million businesses in the US. In a large percentage of these cases, small business owners need assistance in maintaining their books. They achieve this by hiring local accountants and bookkeepers. In some cases, they take help from firms specialized in accounting for small businesses. We offer a third alternative. Bots and humans working in partnership to handle bookkeeping and accounting.

What can our QuickBooks bot do?
  • Enter transactions from bank statements and credit cards and classify them
  • Process invoices sent by vendors
  • Create and send invoices via QuickBooks
  • Download and send any report generated by QuickBooks such as Profit & Loss statements, Balance sheets and Reconciliation reports
  • Perform Reconciliation, accepting transactions in batch mode
  • Import transactions automatically once credentials are provided
  • Generate budgets, issue purchase orders
  • Connect with APIs
What versions of QuickBooks can our bots work on?
  • QuickBooks Online
  • QuickBooks Pro
  • QuickBooks Premier
  • QuickBooks Enterprise versions
  • QuickBooks for Mac – not supported
Why choose Integra for QuickBooks bots?
  • As a pioneer in accountancy practice (since 2004), serving CPA’s, accounting firms and businesses of all sizes, we understand industry language well
  • Our hands-on experience in accounting industry combined with our intelligent automation skills make us your ideal partner
  • We are efficient enough to easily develop and deploy QuickBooks bots much quicker when compared to other companies (as we have vast prior working experience with all major and popular commercial accounting software)
  • We deliver a complete end to end solution that includes process assessment and strategy planning, then enable RPA design, implementation and support
  • We are committed to “Intelligent automation” with knowledge in accounting, finance and payroll RPA design/implementation
  • We analyze your business and quickly develop a proof of concept so that you can understand the value and potential of RPA solution (even before it is implemented)
  • We help you improve speed to market and stay ahead of your competitors

We will help you to be successful in
your RPA journey