RPA Automation Advisory

If you are looking for a partner to help you advice on your automation journey, our team of experts can advise you in a variety of areas

  • Business analysis for automation
  • Automation change management for organization
  • Automation check points
  • Automation center of excellence
Business analysis for automation

Most organizations want to get intelligent robotic process automation right so that they can achieve their business goals. Like any other project, automation also needs upfront planning in identifying the processes that would bring the most benefit to an organization.

Our experts can identify processes that automation brings the most amount of value to an organization. Other factors that would be considered in this process are priority for the company and amount of value the automation implementation will bring to the organization.

Our RPA experts can help you build a pipeline of high value automation project candidates. Some of the questions that are asked and answered during this is how much your current business process can be improved, which processes are the correct candidates for automation, prioritize processes based on the largest ROI that you can get.

We can also help you in defining the initial priorities that provides the max benefit to your organization. Once these are identified we will help to get the processes that would fit the best, based on the criterion that was set.

We can also help in building a pipeline of automation projects that would constantly provide ROI to your company. This pipeline of projects ensures that the following are taken into consideration

  • Importance of the business process
  • Value of resources used
  • Business performance potential
  • Business transformation potential

All these are geared at taking your automation goals and program to the next level.

Automation change management for organization

Companies are moving towards a future where robots or virtual workers are changing the way how work is done. It is enhancing the staff work life balance and has the potential to transform the way companies work in the future.

However the mere mention of robots or automation can cause panic and fear among the employees. They assume that this technology will take their jobs. In reality robotic processes takes away the mundane tasks allowing employees to take on more intellectual, creative and though provoking work. Any automation program can be successful only when the employees in an organization understand this.

Our team of experts provide help in providing the necessary automation communication to your employees. We will also provide the necessary information and skills they need to adapt to automation. The information provided will lay out how automation will impact their existing work and how best they can leverage automation in their current job roles.

Automation check points

Various check points can be established to monitor the health of your automation program. We can identify various checkpoints at your organization to ensure that the automation program thrives.

Process checks

We can identify issues after analysis and help resolve them to offer sustained value to your company.

We can check your existing process or a new program and see if your process aligns with industry best practices and standards. This program checks gathering of requirement, documentation of process, development, testing, communication and support.

Program checks

We can evaluate how the automation message is disseminated to your staff, how the automation prioritization works and if the automation program is meeting company goals and objectives. We can check and see if your program meets the industry standard best practices.

Technology checks

Our RPA experts can analyze your technology and systems to understand the architecture, design, deployment and support. We will make sure that your deployment meets industry best practices and standards. We can also ensure that it is made to scale to meet your business objectives.

Automation center of excellence

We can provide you with COE guidelines on not only to implement but also provide the details on all aspects of automation COE so that you can fully understand how to support such a program at your organization.

We will help you establish/sustain a successful automation program at your organization. We can provide you with aspects such as communication to your staff, which processes to implement first and the pipeline of projects.

We can help the organizations that want to build an RPA / Automation COE. Our team of experts can help you with designing and implementation of automation COE.

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