Healthcare RPA services

Intelligent automation services for healthcare industry

For decades, healthcare industry is facing the biggest challenge in regulating and processing information across various sections including – in-patient/out-patient information, billing, lab and radiology information, ICU and clinical information, insurance, HR, scheduling or other third-party applications, and so on. It is often a complex task to integrate or pull out information from all these systems, nevertheless healthcare employees are expected to perform this time-consuming and repetitive task.

Can AI automation technology make any difference in the way how healthcare industry functions?
Yes, it can – thanks to robotic process automation – now there’s a way to automate every manual and tedious task without any interruption or error, so they can be easily accessed as and when needed. When we mean automation in healthcare industry – it becomes practically possible to store records of patients during each subsequent visit – plus doctors and paramedics can access patient’s entire history in terms of prescriptions, medications or allergies to any particular drug combination. In addition to all these it is also faster to do insurance verification, reconcile medical billing discrepancies to get higher payments and so on.

Now, you can treat the pain-point of your healthcare business processes using new digital workforce called intelligent automation.

Your artificial intelligence enabled digital robots can perform the following tasks with clinical precision:

Automated patient communication
  • Appointment reminders
  • Send “normal” lab results to patients
  • Send discharge guidance or instructions
  • Post follow-up visits of patients
Automated provider communication
  • Automate licensure and credentialing
  • Update provider data records
  • Send patient records to requesting healthcare organizations
  • Manage incoming patients and enter them in the software
Automate medical billing and revenue cycle management
  • Manage unadjudicated claims
  • Get prior authorization
  • Eligibility verification
  • Set up payment plans for delinquent patients
Accounting automation
  • Supplier set up and record maintenance
  • Data entry of bills/invoices into accounting software
  • Prepare payment list of clients and vendors
  • Bank and credit card reconciliation
  • Automatic download of credit card and bank statements for accounts
  • Bulk payment files for journal entries to accounting system
  • Reconcile balances and transactions
  • Create balancing journal entries to handle discrepancies
Automate inventory and supply chain management
  • Monitor inventory level of various medical supplies (gloves, needles, syringes etc)
  • Re-order depending on low-inventory level and supplier lead times
Human resources automation
  • Screen individual resumes and application forms
  • Notify applicants for interview, feedback or elimination
  • Do background checks
  • Onboard new staff and set them in the software
  • Monitor staff productivity
  • Maintain attendance record and handle reminders
  • Include new staff details and remove staff who have quit
Payroll automation
  • Salary checks and reviews
  • Time sheet data entry
  • Validation and reconciliation of payroll
  • Prepare salary checks for approval
  • Much more…
Why choose Integra for your healthcare industry intelligent automation?
  • The experience that we gained through serving healthcare hospitals and practices of all sizes (since 2004) makes it easy for us to understand your issues better
  • Our extensive expertise in healthcare industry combined with our AI robotic process automation skill makes us your ideal partner for implementing RPA at your organization
  • We pride ourselves in our efficiency to develop and deploy your AI RPA solution much faster than any other company (it is made possible through our vast experience in working with a variety of healthcare processes and many popular healthcare billing and practice management software)
  • Our cutting edge, end to end solution starts from project assessment to strategy planning to product design, implementation and support
  • Our specially trained AI RPA specialists possess experience specific to healthcare industry including healthcare accounting, administration, billing, patient communication and much more…
  • As an initial step, we study your process and develop a proof of concept, prior to the full implementation – our this approach allows you to understand the benefit of RPA
  • We understand your business and help you hit the market faster – so, you can stay ahead of your competitors

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