Cloud Based RPA

If you want to speed up RPA usage, the technology must be

  • Accessible
  • Scalable
  • Business user friendly
  • In-built AI
  • Present on cloud and desktop

The sum total of a platform that satisfies these requirements is nothing but a Cloud RPA with these characteristics.

Only lately has the RPA industry started to come around with cloud offerings. How does it work?

  • It is meant for non-technical users
  • Works as a self-service technology
  • User works on a web application
  • Common automations work with single click
  • Others require drag and drop
  • Job types that can be automated typically are non-creative, non analytical in nature. They are repetitive and can be defined clearly
  • For many common bots, no coding is required.
  • Typically no downloads are required
  • No installation is required on client system
  • No programming languages to learn
  • Processes are described diagramatically.
How does this benefit your IT team?
  • Your team always uses the latest version
  • Upgrades are the responsibility of the RPA provider
  • No additional maintenance of user’s machine is required
  • Modern devops with CI makes sure there are no (or very very rare) downtimes
Do you still need an on-premise installation?
  • Data vulnerability, regulatory compliance and just poor networks might make it necessary for you to have your bots working locally
  • Typically cloud RPA’s offer a hybrid option where you can use the same software installed on an on-premise server
  • Developers need to develope the bots only once since we use the same platform on cloud and locally
  • With a hybrid RPA most technological questions are answered.

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