Microsoft Dynamics Bots

Automate Microsoft Dynamics to fit your process the way you want it. Microsoft Dynamics has six separate products that make up the Microsoft Dynamics family:

Microsoft Dynamics family of Products

  1. Microsoft Dynamics AX – Manufacturing ERP for large orgs
  2. Microsoft Dynamics GP – Financial packages and also for small organizations
  3. Microsoft Dynamics NAV – Distribution and Manufacturing for mid-size firms
  4. Microsoft Dynamics SL – Project based companies ERP
  5. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is Microsoft’s customer relationship management offering;
  6. Microsoft Dynamics RMS – short for retail management system.

It’s highly likely for one organization to have licenses for both the CRM and for one of the ERP products. It is in this scenario that RPA bots can help you integrate and automate your workflows

Here’s the typical way an ERP is deployed in an organization

  • A client contacts the Sales and Marketing department looking to buy a particular SKU on a priority basis. Via the ERP, the salesman has real-time access to the inventory stock levels.
  • This is kept updated by the Material management Department in ERP
  • The salesman can respond to client query on time
  • Suppose the SKU needs to be manufactured is required, the Sales Team updates the Centralized Database, and logs the new order in the ERP and now all departments are aware of the new order.
  • Production Planning Department checks ERP for order requirements.
  • Planning team has the Bill of Materials required for the order
  • Materials Management Department maintains details of raw materials stock levels
  • Data Duplication is avoided, and accurate data is made available.
  • The Production Supervisors update their personnel Status regularly in ERP, which can be accessed by the HR department.
  • If there is a personnel shortage, HR team starts the recruitment process with considerable lead time to hire a suitable candidate at market price.
  • Long-term, approved vendors can send invoices to ERP, which can be accessed by the finance department.
  • Thus, payments are made on time, and possible legal actions are avoided
Example of a typical microsoft dynamics automatable task
  1. Log-into into Microsoft Dynamics application
  2. Search our vendor database
  3. Check if we have any outstanding balances with vendors
  4. If So, see what the value was for each vendor:
  5. How many days are left before payment is due?
  6. For overdue invoices email heads of departments to make payments.

In traditional software development, the above tasks would not be programmable as we don’t have bots in traditional development that can log in to GUI. This workflow could be automated in RPA as a PoC in just a few days and can be expanded and deployed in weeks

Do you have such a system? If so, can you spare a moment and think of how many processes have a similar pattern and which waste your resources time? All of these could use the help of RPA.

Why choose Integra to build your microsoft dynamics bot?
  • As a pioneer in accountancy practice (since 2004), serving CPA’s, accounting firms and businesses of all sizes, we understand industry language well
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  • We are committed to “Intelligent automation” with knowledge in accounting, finance and payroll RPA design/implementation
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