Email Marketing Bots

As an email marketer, you would be using multiple tools and platforms to run your email campaigns with our bots and automation platform you can achieve efficiency in the following areas

Schedule emails
  • Bot maintains history of email recipients open times
  • Bot scans history and identifies when most emails are opened
  • Bot creates multiple campaign grouping together all of the recipients by open time
  • Bot schedules the multiple campaigns
Email address validation
  • Check if email is actually an email or not
  • Indicate probability of validity
  • If delivery fails, update the list
List cleanup
  • Bot logs in to all the databases you have access to
  • Bot analyzes all email addresses
  • Bot flags all invalid email addresses
  • Typically email marketing tools do not connect to CRM and update CRM
  • For undelivered emails bot updates CRM database that lead is invalid
  • For emails asking to unsubscribe, bot updates CRM database
  • Bot changes db status of record so that the invalid leads are omitted
Intelligent response processing
  • Bot scans all responses to all email campaigns
  • Bot identifies genuine responses
  • Bot forwards the message to sales team
  • Bot responds to email with a suitable canned response
Why choose Integra RPA for email marketing bots?
  • Our extensive experience (since 2004) serving hundreds of digital marketing clients allows us to understand what we can automate and what we shouldn’t automate
  • A combination of our email marketing industry experience and automation skills makes us your unique Automation solution partner
  • We pride ourselves in our ability to completely develop and deploy your AI RPA solution much faster than any other company (it is made possible through our vast experience in working with many digital marketing clients)
  • Our end to end solution includes project assessment to strategy planning to product design, implementation and support
  • Our specially trained AI RPA specialists have experience specific to property management and real estate industry including property management administration, marketing, accounting and other industry specific functions
  • To begin with, we study and completely understand your process how it works, then develop a proof of concept – our approach helps you to understand the benefit of RPA prior to its implementation
  • Your goal is our goal – with that vision in mind, we help you hit the market faster and stay ahead of your competitors

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