Property Management RPA Services

Intelligent automation solutions for property management and real estate industry

Managing properties can be exhausting and time-consuming work. Be it one or a dozen, endless stream of activities happen in property management, so property managers tend to lose trail of what is happening to their properties.

When we say property management responsibilities, it include – finding tenants, creating documents, doing background verification on them, property inspection and follow ups, organizing property maintenance and repairs, logging rent receivables, property management accounting for the tax period and so on…

All of these tasks add up, but what if property managers’ time could be spent on tasks that really add value for the owners/business?

Though property management and real estate is an industry of generalists – we cannot expect the team to deliver their 100% all the time. On an average a property management expert can be good at couple of tasks, moderate at few others and an under performer at the rest, ultimately resulting in increased human-error.

At Integra, we have the right solution that can streamline your business process – Robotic process automation. Now, let technology take care of the most tedious and repetitive property management function whilst your team can concentrate on what they are actually good at.
Intelligent automation has changed the way how property management firms functions. We implement artificial intelligence digital robot solutions at your organization that can effectively perform the following tasks:

Tenant engagement automation
  • Create new tenant applications and follow up
  • Perform criminal back ground checks
  • Perform credit back ground checks
  • Approval or disapproval based on guidelines
Automation for new properties
  • Set up utilities
  • Set up accounting
  • Onboard new properties
Supplier management automation
  • Manage vendor details
  • Onboard new suppliers
  • Remove suppliers no longer needed
Accounting Automation
  • Send rent payment reminders
  • Rent accounting automation
  • Maintain general ledger
  • Enter bank statements and credit card statements
  • Enter supplier invoices
  • Time card entry and payroll calculations
  • Reconcile bank and credit card statements
  • Create owner statements
Human resources automation
  • Screen individual application forms and resumes
  • Alert candidates for interview, feedback, follow-up and rejection
  • Onboard new staff and set them up in systems
  • Add new staff and remove staff who have quit
  • Maintain attendance records and reminders
  • Monitor staff productivity
Payroll automation
  • Time sheet data entry automation
  • Validation and reconciliation of payroll
  • Prepare salary checks for approval
  • Salary reviews
Marketing automation
  • Remove sold/rented properties from websites
  • Enter vacant properties in various websites
Automating other additional tasks
  • Database management
  • Lease management
  • Utilities management
  • Data cleansing
Why choose Integra AI for property management industry automation?
  • Our extensive experience (since 2004) serving property management and real estate firms of all sizes, enables us to understand property management and real estate language in a much better way
  • A combination of our property management industry experience and automation skills makes us your unique artificial intelligence partner
  • We pride ourselves in our ability to completely develop and deploy your AI RPA solution much faster than any other company (it is made possible through our vast experience in working with many property management and real estate firms)
  • Our end to end solution includes project assessment to strategy planning to product design, implementation and support
  • Our specially trained AI RPA specialists have experience specific to property management and real estate industry including property management administration, marketing, accounting and other industry specific functions
  • To begin with, we study and completely understand your process how it works, then develop a proof of concept – our approach helps you to understand the benefit of RPA prior to its implementation
  • Your goal is our goal – with that vision in mind, we help you hit the market faster and stay ahead of your competitors

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